So what would an actual portrait of Medgel the witch look like?

Having been at the Hay Meadow festival this weekend as part of the collaboration between myself and storyteller Amy Douglas- at the early stages of the Medgel- portrait of a witch project – we asked children to think about what Medgel may look like and these are a few of the responses. I would likeContinue reading “So what would an actual portrait of Medgel the witch look like?”

So happy to be working with R&A Collaborations on my latest Arts Council funded project. R&A Collaborations is the combined talents of photographer Richard Foot and digital media artist Arron Fowler. They will be making a film that will respond to what I have begun. I am really excited to see what will evolve fromContinue reading

Medgel-Portrait of a Witch

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery through the Arts Council England I am able to begin my new body of work exploring  what happens when fear and intolerance takes over our community/society. So looking forward to collaborating with a variety of folk to make this all possible and getting art work out to isolatedContinue reading “Medgel-Portrait of a Witch”