The End of Spontaneity ? Covid -Fixes us to Time-Slots.

Unlocking from being locked challenges us in many ways but perhaps the most problematic for me is that I have to become time aware again, back in the time-zone and book ahead for anything I want to do. I was already feeling anxious in regards to having to book shopping slots for click and collectContinue reading “The End of Spontaneity ? Covid -Fixes us to Time-Slots.”

Art in the time of Covid-19

Covid Lockdown has been difficult for me as an artist. It has made me challenge the place of the arts and particularly my practice. Whilst I’m still predominantly a painter at heart, the recent inaccessibility of gallery formats has only built on my previous endeavours to take my artwork into the environment and collaborate withContinue reading “Art in the time of Covid-19”

The colourful and wonderful Women of Shropshire

Only two more workshops to go and feeling a tad smug not for myself but for the achievements of the women who have contributed to making the #processions banner. We were at Participate in Shrewsbury  (thank you for your hospitality) this Saturday and after many- rearranging, laying things out, picking them up, laying out againContinue reading “The colourful and wonderful Women of Shropshire”

Deeds,Words (a lot of words!) and Togetherness.

Deeds- Too excited …. ! As you can see from the teaser images we really got cracking on the making front today with the fantastic group of women (oldest participant 98), children (who put on a short play), dog (who mainly slept) and even a man (providing the gender balance!)) at Quatt Village Hall . TheContinue reading “Deeds,Words (a lot of words!) and Togetherness.”

Gender Pay Gap – perspective of a female artist

Am I aware of a gender pay gap in my working environment ? This is tricky to answer – that would mean I was aware of ‘going rates’ for artwork of other artists and also be aware of if my work is on sale next to a male artist that his artwork hasn’t been valuedContinue reading “Gender Pay Gap – perspective of a female artist”

Shhh – Shropshire’s Secret Women

As it is International Women’s day it seems fitting to share the list of  Shropshire women, past & present that has been compiled as a response to our Banner making for the Processions project. Our aim is to include Shropshire women’s names on our Banner which we will then process on June 10th in Cardiff.  WeContinue reading “Shhh – Shropshire’s Secret Women”