The colourful and wonderful Women of Shropshire


Only two more workshops to go and feeling a tad smug not for myself but for the achievements of the women who have contributed to making the #processions banner. We were at Participate in Shrewsbury  (thank you for your hospitality) this Saturday and after many- rearranging, laying things out, picking them up, laying out again -began to see Shropshire’s banner taking shape.

I was hoping that this project would give a platform for not only celebrating and marking the achievements of Shropshire women but also a  chance to express and celebrate themselves and I truly think our banner does this. Our often forgotten, sleepy county is awake with colour, expression and sheer joy as we saw for the first time a glimmer of what we will be proudly parading alongside others on June 10th in Cardiff.

I think we may get noticed !

#100years #Deeds,Words (a lot of words!) and Togetherness.

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  1. Hi Ann Marie, is it OK if I share your post on my blog? Mary

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    1. amlartist says:

      yes please use any of my blogs/info anytime Mary x

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