Arts Consultancy and Mentoring

I have over 20 years experience as a successful arts practitioner and being self-employed. I have worked for and run community groups, community interest companies and I currently run my own publishing business, Talking Trees Books (along with numerous other ongoing projects).

I have achieved funding from local authorities, private businesses, the National Lottery and Arts Council both on a personal level and also for groups/individuals.

I am therefore well-equipped to help you with your own projects and business to enable you to also have a sustainable arts practice.

In light of the recent difficulties caused to all of us in the arts industry due to Covid-19 I am also able to offer advice and support in how to navigate your arts business during this time, what funding is out there, what to do to adapt your current way of working, and how to get your projects and artwork ‘out there’ when galleries and venues may not be open or people are reluctant to visit them.

Services I offer

‘One to One’ mentoring and advice

I offer support and advice relating to setting up and running an ‘arts’ based business, teaching in the community, turning your arts practice into something that is ‘fundable’,  identifying and preparing to apply for funding- step by step, artistic and technical support. I will provide you with a follow up report summarising what we have covered and any links/contacts that may be useful.

Supporting Artists

I offer support to help artists from all walks of life and all stages in their art practice to pursue and develop their arts career. I can assist with developing your idea into reality, whether that be in relation to a particular piece of work or in respect of a larger multi-faceted project which you want to run in the community.

Obtaining funding

I offer advice in obtaining funding for all artistic based projects and can assist you with finding eligible funding, the application process and any reporting requirements during and after your project if you are successful in being awarded funding.

You may be eligible to apply for access support funding from the Arts Council if you have additional needs and require support. This means you can nominate someone to assist you in making your application and running the project. If by having a mentor or practical help  it can mean all the difference to you making your funding bid and enable you to apply then this fund is for you. The Arts Council will pay for the support you need (within reason) on top of any money you are asking for so it doesn’t affect the money you need for your project. You can also use the access support fund to enable other participants within your project.

Fees and Pricing

If you think I can help you on your project then please contact me for a quote. I try to look at each person/organisation individually and charge a realistic amount to enable you to access help and support from me. I use the “a-n” artist pay scale as a guide for my fees. I will also advise you if you would be eligible for funding to cover the cost of my services.

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