Welcome to my website

My work as an Artist, Arts Consultant and Producer focuses on using the arts as a means of engaging and challenging people to benefit personal, community and environmental experiences through creative experience. I hope for many it will encourage them to participate in creativity.


I am interested in making art that challenges me and my viewer. I choose to move away from the figurative and realism side of much art work and move towards abstraction and conceptual ways of working. I want it to be a conversation starter and not a pre-concluded sentence.

Arts Consultancy & Mentoring

My work with artists and arts/community organisations includes finding, preparing for and attaining funding, managing projects, studio practice tutoring, mentoring, enabling creating and developing projects, ensuring accessibility and inclusion and personal and professional development opportunities


I try to not only bring out the best out of the artists I work with but also to challenge them to develop themselves and their practice through new and exciting projects. Key to making art is how to then share that art. I am imaginative, think outside the norm and like to explore new ways of doing this.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my artwork please contact me and I’ll be pleased to give you further information and pricing details. Alternatively, if you would like to hire a piece of my work, please see further details here.

I also accept commissions for pieces so if you have a particular idea in mind please do get in touch.

Please follow the above links in the menu bar for details on the services I can offer as an Arts Producer and as an Arts Consultant and Mentor. I look forward to helping your ideas and projects turn into a sustainable and fulfilling reality.

I also offer a variety of workshops and talks and am also available for press interviews.