I work predominantly with paint but occasionally venture into print and 3d work.  When i’m not doing that I run bespoke art workshops, community workshops, provide business training and mentoring to others fellow creatives and give talks to groups. The value of this to me personally has been that the communication and sharing that goes on when you get groups of artists together has an inspiring and energising effect.

I was lucky enough to get arts council funding last year for my personal development as an artist with an aim of getting my art seen by hard to reach communities.

Medgel- Portrait of a witch

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Medgel-‘Portrait of a Witch’ was a collaborative piece between visual artist, storytellers and film to entice an audience to further explore the landscape and components that make someone be identified as a witch. Through challenging visual art and stories we unpicked  the story of Medgel, the Shropshire witch imprisoned in Mitchel’s Fold Stone circle, whilst exploring our own thoughts and feelings about the historical and current issues of otherness, fear, prejudice, punishment and misogyny.