Latest work

Just took this off to the framers in readiness for it to go to its new home. Always difficult to say goodbye to a piece that you’ve been working on for some time. Oil on Italian fine canvas with copper and gold leaf – 1.2 x 1 m  

Audience inspired !

How fabulous – Sandra Ridgwell was one of the lovely group of folk who came to the art and story walk on Saturday and she said that when she left she felt she just had to create an image – this is the result. Thanks Sandra for allowing me to put it on the webpage….

Art and Story walk

Come and join me and storytellers Amy Douglas and Sal Tonge as we walk in the landscape and hear the stories that were the initial inspiration behind the Medgel project.We are meeting at 2pm at Mitchel’s fold stone circle, Shropshire for about 2 hours. I’m hoping that we will have enough folk to get the…


I’m liking the quote that ‘art is never completed that its just abandoned’ as this is where I am with the pieces for this project although I would say put to one side. They are all now ready to go out as the fifteen pieces each relating to the 15 stones that imprison Medgel in…

Exhibiting Medgel

Currently exhibiting 8 of the pieces at SpArC Bishop’s Castle Shropshire Thanks so much for allowing me to exhibit some of the pieces plus a couple of my other artwork . Interesting for me to see the work together as it has been exhibited as individual pieces . Looking forward to the events with Amy…