News Update ….. June 2019

Sorry to all  – no new artwork

I’m still struggling after my hand op and now have problems with my Ulna Nerve in both arms making artwork too painful currently.

On the positive side the physio and Pilates seem to be helping but it will be a long job I think. Keep you updated x Thanks for all the lovely messages supporting me and wishing me well.


All other projects complete. I have had a fabulous time working with some wonderful women but I am now finally able to begin some work on the next series of paintings and will be using the rest of the summer to put together a small collection. I am currently inspired by photo’s I took whilst visiting the Orkneys and as always my local landscape. I have been experimenting over the past few weeks regards colour palette and hope to put some of this into my practice. I will be continuing my gilded collection too. Finally I am pondering on creating a body of work that links my interest in folklore and art – not there yet but putting a few ideas together and letting them sit awhile.

land army girls

I’ve been asked by Boundary Way Project (Wolverhampton area) – a community growing space – gardens, minds and spirit to run a couple of workshops one of which is related to the Processions project  (Saturday May 19th)- to make a banner for the women of the area but with an emphasis on the connection of women and growing spaces. The other is about Celebrating Spring – through folklore and creativity. (Saturday March 17th) take a look on Boundary Way facebook page or on Eventbrite to book a place.

Really looking forward to working with this super organisation.

February 2018

processions imageartichokedash


I’m the Lead artist (Shropshire) in the nationwide Processions Project taking place as a women’s community project to mark 100 years of women getting the vote. Artichoke is the lead organisation and has commissioned DASH as one of its partner organisations to run a series of creative workshops to make a banner that will be paraded through the streets of Cardiff on Sunday 10th June as a part of what is hoped to be the largest collaborative art-piece in this country. Many Thank’s to DASH for asking me to be a part of this very exciting project.

Talks, Mentoring  & Workshops

Out and about giving talks and running workshops see mentoring/training page and art workshops page for details.


Currently working on 2 small square paintings due to be homed at a London Barristers office. Oils and copper and gold leaf.

Working on a Folklore Image to be called ‘the murder’


I have an exhibition throughout June and July at Oswestry Arts & Heritage centre.