We are Potent Mr Broadbent !

land army 4

The penultimate session for the Shropshire Banner and gosh feeling so pleased with how the session went. A real push by all the group with the battle cry of ‘We can do it!’ to get our mighty banner in one piece – and a fabulous surprise when we looked at what had been achieved. A huge WELL DONE and thank you to all concerned.

Here’s a sneaky peep at some of the banner.

nearly there (2)

Then there was beginning to sort out the back of the banner …. and the poles …… making it ‘carry-able’. In the calm hands of Paula we began to see progress it that too. Also a realisation of the size of the piece and what we have to carry – yikes! Another quick affirmation of ‘We Can Do It’!

getting there

Today’s session was assisted by homemade tartlets (again thanks to Paula!) and gallons of tea and coffee- much needed to keep us going. Having far too much fun making our banner, meeting so many wonderful women and even had new group members today which was brilliant. Pasha remained calm throughout the process (as always)


Today’s discussions included the ‘Menopausal’ comment made Ben Broadbent by the deputy Governor of the Bank of England that the economy was entering a “menopausal” era to indicate that the economy is past its peak and “no longer potent” – Hmmm we weren’t impressed- especially as the Bank of England had supposedly made strides towards addressing its poor representation of women – seems they have a long way to go! Our group today was mainly women of a certain age who are definitely very potent especially when coming up with ideas of how to react to Mr Broadbent ! Thanks especially to Jean (our oldest group member today) for her suggestion which made us all giggle but best not repeated!


And so as we are nearly there – but not quite- we began talking about the Procession itself and discussing the arrangements made by Artichoke for the Cardiff event. We are all really looking forward to being a part of this vast participatory artwork creating a living portrait of UK women in the 21st century. Hope Cardiff is ready for the Shropshire Women !


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