So what would an actual portrait of Medgel the witch look like?

Having been at the Hay Meadow festival this weekend as part of the collaboration between myself and storyteller Amy Douglas- at the early stages of the Medgel- portrait of a witch project – we asked children to think about what Medgel may look like and these are a few of the responses. I would like to use some of the things the children said and created in one of the pieces i will make. As the children’s ages increased so did the more stereotypical witch images begin to emerge. Is this down to having the ability to depict the image in a recognisable format that we see a more traditional witch image emerge ? On talking to the very young ones I don’t think its just down to them portraying things in a far more abstract way. I was told that one painting was a spotty liney witch and another a ballerina witch and another that Medgel was like a field or hill ! When i looked at what they had created the images they had made fitted very well with their words.  Its fabulous the way art projects evolve from sharing the developing stages of an idea and keeping it open. A big thank you to all who were a part of inspiring me at the festival.


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My Art- A stratigraphy of paint in which a history of the artists actions are condensed in a single remaining image. The process being one of decision making, mark making, covering, uncovering, adding, burying, scraping away and finally revealing or hiding.

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