I love rust, it suggests age, time passing and softens the hardness of bright shiny metal. I think of slow dripping outside taps making lovely colours and textures on a watering can. The derelict cottage I am using as an inspiration for Medgel’s one time home has a rusted sink, rust stained wallpaper and even a rusted scythe. With this second paint layer I’m  taking this idea and inserting it in Medgel’s mouth and around her head, I’m letting the rust deteriorate her image and eat into her.IMG_1098.JPG

Published by amlartist

My Art- A stratigraphy of paint in which a history of the artists actions are condensed in a single remaining image. The process being one of decision making, mark making, covering, uncovering, adding, burying, scraping away and finally revealing or hiding.

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