I’m liking the quote that ‘art is never completed that its just abandoned’ as this is where I am with the pieces for this project although I would say put to one side. They are all now ready to go out as the fifteen pieces each relating to the 15 stones that imprison Medgel in Mitchel’s fold stone circle. I hope that by unpicking these images at the events we can dismantle her prison and free her once and for all.

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Exhibiting Medgel

Currently exhibiting 8 of the pieces at SpArC Bishop’s Castle Shropshire

Thanks so much for allowing me to exhibit some of the pieces plus a couple of my other artwork . Interesting for me to see the work together as it has been exhibited as individual pieces . Looking forward to the events with Amy and Sal as we weave story and art beginning September 30 th.

The exhibition is on until end of September. IMG_0506.JPG

inspiring research

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Been researching for the project and marvelling at the visual source material in the Witchcraft museum in Boscastle. So many ideas ! Attended a talk by Dr Louise Fenton who has curated an exhibition related to cursing and the use of poppets and pins and comparing to voodoo dolls from her earlier research. The similarities seem greater than the differences. It was interesting to see people’s reactions to the exhibition and the fascination these objects hold. A big part of my current artwork relates to this imagery and have got many new ideas from both talking to Louise, hearing the back stories and from the objects themselves. IMG_1140.JPG


Currently on exhibition at Churchstoke shopping centre (formerly Harry Tuffins) is my painting inspired by witches familiars. Thanks to Vince Stage the store manager for having the work. The store has a large footfall and really fits my remit of getting the art into local places and to people that are not regular gallery visitors. The store will be having two more of my paintings over the coming weeks.

Women accused of witchcraft were often assumed to have a familiar, most often in the form of cats, dogs, owls, mice, corvid birds, newts or toads. These servants to witches were considered low-ranking demons, or even fairies. It was said familiars fed on the blood of the witch taken from her third nipple. It was thought that the animals were used for spell casting and spying on others. Many completely innocent pet lovers were persecuted for having an ‘unnatural’ pairing, resulting in blame being placed on them for any kind of bad luck, such as milk spoiling or crops withering.

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What do artists do all day?

#What do artists do all day? (part one- morning)

Well for me its a coffee (or three) in the studio after coming back from walking my poochy (great thinking time) and taking a look at what I’ve done the day before and assessing next steps. I usually have radio 4 in the background to catch up with the news but if i really need to ponder i have to turn the chatter off. Once I have a plan formulated in my noggin I then go and feed the birds and over yet another coffee do a bit of social media, admin etc and choose what if anything I’m going to listen to. If i am continuing work I can listen to a drama as I don’t need the uninterpreted thought stream required when beginning or completing a piece (for those times its either silence or music) I aim to get cracking by 9.00 the latest, usually earlier. I’m not sure why I delay getting stuck in straight away by doing social media but once I get going I love the feeling of those first moments of creativity whether it be beginning a new piece, carrying on with one of the existing pieces or even totally reworking something. Its almost a relief to know i can still do it – i think we all live in fear of the muse leaving us. Time to get started ! Continuing work on this one today …will post how I get on.

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