I’m liking the quote that ‘art is never completed that its just abandoned’ as this is where I am with the pieces for this project although I would say put to one side. They are all now ready to go out as the fifteen pieces each relating to the 15 stones that imprison Medgel in Mitchel’s fold stone circle. I hope that by unpicking these images at the events we can dismantle her prison and free her once and for all.

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Published by amlartist

My Art- A stratigraphy of paint in which a history of the artists actions are condensed in a single remaining image. The process being one of decision making, mark making, covering, uncovering, adding, burying, scraping away and finally revealing or hiding.

4 thoughts on “Completed

  1. If this incredible work does not free her then I don’t think anything will. By the way, none of your pieces look abandoned to me! Well done Anne Marie, I know you put your heart and soul into this project and I think you did an incredible job.

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    1. Thanks so much for those kind words – I hope this is just a beginning of highlighting some of the issues that revealed themselves as I worked my way through these pieces. By the time I came to the last two I felt very emotionally attached and found them quite challenging to paint.

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