Art and Story walk

Come and join me and storytellers Amy Douglas and Sal Tonge as we walk in the landscape and hear the stories that were the initial inspiration behind the Medgel project.We are meeting at 2pm at Mitchel’s fold stone circle, Shropshire for about 2 hours. I’m hoping that we will have enough folk to get the art pieces out and in the landscape to take a photo – i may be overly ambitious in this ! watch this space ! If you care to join us please message/email me it would be great to meet you

and finally we found her
and then we found her


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandra r says:

    Would be very interested in coming. Is there much walking involved?


    1. amlartist says:

      Hi Sandra – no it’s not a hike just a stroll and you can walk as far as you want. It is a truly magickal place . Let me know if you want adding to the list x


  2. sandra ridgwell says:

    yes please


    1. amlartist says:

      Fab x see you Saturday x


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