A constant companion to Medgel in her stone circle prison are the crows . They always seem to remain on the outside of the circle looking in. 

Of an age

Exploring the time line and creating one that can shift as I imagine Medgel living in a nearby cottage that was abandoned in the 1950’s and is now virtually derelict. 

By the pricking of my thumbs

Natural materials provide the means to both protect and cause harm. The latest painting shows hawthorn – the protectorate and blackthorn – the cause of harm – but also a damn fine plant for making sloe gin ! 

inspiring research

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Been researching for the project and marvelling at the visual source material in the Witchcraft museum in Boscastle. So many ideas ! Attended a talk by Dr Louise Fenton who has curated an exhibition related to cursing and the use of poppets and pins and comparing to voodoo dolls…


Currently on exhibition at Churchstoke shopping centre (formerly Harry Tuffins) is my painting inspired by witches familiars. Thanks to Vince Stage the store manager for having the work. The store has a large footfall and really fits my remit of getting the art into local places and to people that are not regular gallery visitors….


Hoorah and thank you Michael from Zest Hair salon in Shrewsbury for taking on the ‘Udders’ painting for a week when others wouldn’t ! along with the Bellarmine pots. He will be having another few pieces over the next few weeks. If you don’t know this hairdressers check it out its brilliant. We are ZEST…

What do artists do all day?

#What do artists do all day? (part one- morning) Well for me its a coffee (or three) in the studio after coming back from walking my poochy (great thinking time) and taking a look at what I’ve done the day before and assessing next steps. I usually have radio 4 in the background to catch…


I love rust, it suggests age, time passing and softens the hardness of bright shiny metal. I think of slow dripping outside taps making lovely colours and textures on a watering can. The derelict cottage I am using as an inspiration for Medgel’s one time home has a rusted sink, rust stained wallpaper and even…