Mentoring, training & talks

I have 20 years of experience as a successful arts practitioner and being self- employed.  I have worked for and run community groups, community interest companies and running my own business enterprise Talking Trees Books and AML artist. I have achieved funding from local authorities, private businesses, the lottery and arts council on a personal level and for groups/individuals. I want to share my experiences with you to enable you to  make a living from your arts practice. Please contact me for prices – I try to look at each person/organisation individually and charge a realistic amount to enable you to access help and support from me.

contact  – for more info or an initial meet up to discuss your requirements

One to One mentoring and advice

 I offer support and advice relating to setting up and running an ‘arts’ based business, teaching in the community, turning your arts practice into something that is ‘fundable’,  identifying and applying for funding- step by step, artistic and technical support, making your arts practice into a living, setting up and running a publishing business.I will provide you with a follow up report summarising what we have covered and any links/contacts that may be useful.

Supporting artists 

I offer support to help artists from all walks of life and all stages in their art practice to pursue and develop their arts career.

If you need support to enable you to apply to the arts council and run your project you may be able to apply for access support funding.

Not many people realise that there is an access fund offered by the arts council to enable people who  have additional needs and require support. You can nominate someone to assist you in making your application and running the project. If by having a mentor or practical help  it can mean all the difference to you making your funding bid and enable you to apply then this fund is for you. The arts council will pay for the support you need (within reason) on top of any money you are asking for so doesn’t affect the money you need for your project. You can also use the access support fund to enable others within your project.

Please contact me about this if you want to know more and think this is something that could enable you to make that application.


I charge £80 for a 2 hour talk to a group  or £8 per person whichever you prefer plus travel expenses.

These are the talks I currently offer,

  • Becoming and being a self- employed creative practitioner- all you need to know
  • How to find and achieve funding
  • Applying to the arts council – writing a successful application (based on my personal experience/artists perspective)
  • How to set- up a community group or community interest company (CIC).
  • Creating your own little publishing business
  • Being a self-employed artist- all you need to know to make it work.
  • Folklore- keeping the old ways alive and celebrating the year.


Training Workshops

I charge £35 per person for my training workshops to a minimum sized group of 8.

See below the current workshops I offer; 

Setting up a community group or a community interest company (CIC) – the pros and cons

Learn what you need to do to set up a group that supports an aim, ethos or community need and how by formalising your group you can achieve funding and support.


Running workshops in your local community

Covering all the things you need to take your skills out to others including developing a teachable workshop from your skills, health and safety/risk assessment, insurance & DBS, tips on engaging and motivating people and finding/creating the groups in the first place.


Writing a Business plan and business forecasts – the way forward for creatives !

This is an essential for many of us and yet crunching numbers and being pinned down to a plan is the last thing we want to do. However it doesn’t have to be dreary and formatted so it’s of no use to us. A business plan and business forecasts are meant to help not hinder us (as well as help us if we are trying for business bank accounts, loans or funding) I can help you develop a business plan that reflects you and your business and that will help you to grow a sustainable future for yourself.


Funding – how to find it and how to get it!

A fairly in depth workshop in what you need in place to apply for funding, developing an idea, writing the application and identifying potential funding streams.