Arts Producer

What is an Arts Producer and how can I help your arts practice?

Being an Arts Producer means I get to work with many wonderful artists and organisations to help create situations that can best show and share their creative talents whilst exploring ways to engage new and developing audiences. It’s a chance to consider the purpose & role of art and think of ways to truly engage and involve people from all walks of life in accessible and inclusive projects.

I develop and curate projects for artists, organisations and local communities. I seek and apply for funding opportunities that enable developing ideas,  activities, events, performances, exhibitions and more conceptual ways of taking an idea to wider audiences.

My enthusiasm for sharing artist’s creativity means that I become personally invested in ensuring that artists, participants and audience feel they have been involved in something that has exposed them to something creatively engaging.

Fees and Pricing

Please contact me if you would like to work with me in this way and I can give you a quote for this. My rate of pay is in accordance with “a-n” artist  pay guidelines for an artist of over 10 years experience.

Recent Projects


My most recent project has been with the community group FOLK.

They achieved National Lottery Community Funding in March 2020 to find ways of sharing Shropshire Folklore using creativity as a means of engaging a larger local audience as well as building audiences from further afield. The project involved 15 community group members researching, developing skills relating to making shareable films, using their art forms to make a series of short  posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Accessibility and inclusion was key to this project to ensure all people could take part and also that it had a low environmental impact. Additionally  it had the potential to develop visitor interest to Shropshire as a county of folklore and creativity.

Check out their What’s On page for more information. The project is being run until August 2020.

Folk at the Farm

In 2019 I produced several events at FOLK at the Farm in collaboration with Acton Scott Historic Farm and Shropshire Council.

I ran the Folk at the Farm Festival, All Hallows’ Eve Night and Victorian Yuletide Fair.

These events were aimed at celebrating Shropshire’s folklore and brought together Visual Artists, Poets, Storytellers, Musicians, Dancers and Folklorists for a day of celebrating the arts in and around Shropshire.

Dash Processions

In 2018 I collaborated with Dash on their Processions Project to celebrate the centenary of women’s right to vote. I acted as lead artist for the Shropshire region and led workshops to create Shropshire’s banner used in the Cardiff Procession on 10 June 2018. The project and banner making aimed to represent the diverse voice of women and girls from all walks of life.

Medgel- Portrait of a Witch

This project was taken into Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton, to community buildings throughout Shropshire and to Galleries in Shropshire through a series of Story/Visual Arts/Music/Discussion/Audience participation events. The artwork went into local shops, hairdressers, individuals homes, leisure centres and visitor centres- places where anyone could access this challenging project.

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