Art Practice

Exhibition of ‘Medgel- Portrait of a Witch’

If I had to describe the starting points of my art I would say seeing and being in the natural environment and imagination. I do not keep a visual sketch book instead I use memory and occasionally words jotted down in a notepad to trigger visual responses to something I have seen or experienced. A huge amount of time is spent simply cogitating and then I make a couple of throw-away thumb nail line drawings then I’m away ! My iPhone camera has recently become my latest ‘paintbrush’, I use photography more and more to not only collect imagery but also as art pieces in their own right.

I have always been interested in the skills side of art; I make my own paints and use traditional glazing methods to create multi-layered paintings. I am interested in icon painting and often use these techniques to employ areas of gilding using gold, silver and copper leaf. I try to make art that gives the viewer something to contemplate in front of and to reveal itself over the duration of time by spending time with it as opposed to impact art.

As my work has developed I find layering techniques through using glazes and the reflective qualities of the materials I use, together with a smooth surface has become the most important elements . This allows the image/painting to be transient and to change its appearance continuously throughout and at different times of the day. It is quite difficult to capture my paintings in a photograph because the subtle variances are not picked up by a camera.

Currently, I have found my creative interest has moved into more environmental practices using natural and found materials and documenting the work through photography, word and developing collaborations with artists using other art forms. I am hoping to develop a photo-book of my new art pieces and will update this site when it is available to purchase.

Please browse through my past projects using the drop down menu in the menu bar and if you are interested in purchasing a painting or photograph please go to the current projects page and contact me for prices or to discuss commissioning me if you like my past work.

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